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A selection of our latest and most beautiful coffin designs. All standard cardboard coffins include FREE personalisation.

Virtually Any Design Is Possible

If you can’t find exactly what you want, we can create something specifically for you, either based on one of our designs or something completely new. Virtually anything is possible!

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Whilst most designs are possible to achieve, some company names and logos may be subject to copyright and only available for use with permission.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course – producing environmentally-friendly coffins is one of the key reasons we were set up in the first place. Back in 2008, we recognised a genuine demand for an eco-friendly coffin design so we decided to bridge that gap.

Each of our cardboard coffins are high-quality in design and constructed using sustainable materials. They are made using at least 98% cardboard and paper, of which 70% has been recycled. What’s more, we only use corn starch glue and environmentally-friendly inks in their manufacture.

Being made in this way means that our cardboard coffins use 40% less material to manufacture than traditional coffins. This makes them substantially lighter which, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of transportation as well.

Each of our coffins are manufactured in-house in the United Kingdom. We work to your exact design to ensure you receive a personalised cardboard coffin that you are truly happy with.

Creative Coffins are predominantly made from a mixture of recycled cardboard and paper. We maintain their shape using corn starch glue and print your requested design onto them using a collection of environmentally friendly inks. You can find out more about this here.

To order a pre-designed Creative Coffin, simply click here to visit our dedicated coffins page. Once you have chosen your ideal model, click through on the green ‘enquire’ button to contact a member of our team about your purchase.

Alternatively, email our team at [email protected] or give us a call on 01481 714820. A friendly member of our team will be able to go through any questions or queries you might have, and help turn the coffin design you’re looking for into a reality.

Virtually any design is possible here at Creative Coffins, so feel free to be as outlandish as you like.

We typically deliver a standard design coffin within approximately three working days.

While most of our custom designs can also be delivered within the same timescale, depending on the exact design required (i.e. if a photograph is involved), it can take a day or two longer. However, if your funeral is imminent, we strive to help our customers as quickly as possible. Simply give us a call and we’ll do all we can to help.

Our cardboard coffins very much range in price depending on the size, delivery and any other technical requirements involved. However, we start our prices at approximately £595, which includes all VAT and personalisation options.

If you aren’t concerned about giving your coffin a personal touch though, we can also provide you with a standard 6’ coffin for approximately £496 (excl. VAT and delivery).

But, why would you want that? For only a small amount more, you can create a stunning coffin that offers a truly unique look and feel. We can print virtually any design you like, so contact us to discuss what you’ve got in mind.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here already, please contact our Sales Director, June Ozanne, at [email protected]. She will be more than happy to discuss your requirements through with you via email or over the phone.

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Combining beautiful designs and contemporary styling, all of our cardboard coffins are incredibly strong in structure and green in credentials. We provide a send-off that is personal, dignified and environmentally friendly.

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